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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Your use of and/or registration on any aspect of the Website will constitute your agreement to this Privacy Policy. The following Privacy Policy summarizes the various ways that Yay Fly (“Service Provider”, “we”, “Website”) will treat the information you provide while using our website. It is our goal to bring you information that is tailored to your individual needs and, at the same time, protect your privacy.

As a traveler, we realize that you also want to be in control of all your personal information. Yay Fly has become the leader in online travel by earning and maintaining our customers’ trust. That is our first priority and responsibility.
Your use of and/or registration on any aspect of the website will constitute your agreement to this Privacy Policy.
If you cannot agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the website. This Privacy Policy does not cover information collected elsewhere, including without limitation offline and on sites linked to or from the website.

In addition to reviewing this Privacy Policy, please read our User Agreement. Your use of the website constitutes agreement to its terms and conditions as well. This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time; the date of the most recent revisions will appear on this page, so check back often. Continued access of the website by you will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to the Privacy Policy.
Your privacy is very important to us at Yay Fly, we have established and implemented various information handling practices for Yay Fly that we believe are consistent with the highest standards and best practices of organizations doing business on the Internet.

This privacy policy describes the practices that apply to our site, including, specifically, the information we collect about you, when and how we collect that information and what may happen to that information. We have prepared a detailed privacy policy because we believe you should know as much as possible about our practices so that you can make an informed decision about the extent of your use of our website. We use the information collected about our visitors to improve our site content and ease of use.


Yay Fly provides this Privacy Policy to explain our company’s policies concerning the compilation, use and security of the personal information of the customers using our website. By “personal information”, we mean anything that can be connected to a specific person. This includes name, address, phone number, email-address and credit card numbers.
Types of Information We Collect:

  1. Anonymous Info: You can always visit our website without revealing who you are or providing any personal information. By accessing this website, certain information about you, such as Internet protocol (IP) addresses, navigation through the website, the systems and programs used and the time spent, along with other similar information, may be stored on our servers. Such stored information may not specifically identify you. Please be informed that the same may be used by us for web site traffic analysis (how many visitors arrive at specific pages, the length and frequency of stays at our website, the types of browsers and computer operating systems used by our visitors) or for such other purposes as we may deem appropriate.
  2. Personal Info: While searching our site, you are not required to provide any personal information until you choose to make a purchase. In order to purchase airline tickets and other services through our website, you must provide us with certain unique personal information such as your name, name or names of those traveling if not you, birth date, gender, address, citizenship, your credit card type, your credit card number, your credit card expiration date, your credit card billing address, your credit card security code, your telephone number, your e-mail address, user registration data and login password. We require this information so that we can process, fulfill and confirm your reservations and transactions and keep you informed of each transaction’s status. If you are making a reservation for one or more travelers other than yourself, you will need to make sure that each of these other travelers agrees, in advance, that you may disclose their personal information to us.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent by a server and stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive and then sent back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses that server. There are many myths circulating about cookies, but you should know that cookies are only read by the server that placed them, and are unable to do such things as run programs on your computer, plant viruses or harvest your personal information. The use of cookies is very common on the Internet and, our use of cookies is similar to that of such sites as Yahoo!, CNN.com and other reputable online companies.

First and foremost, you can be rest assured that no personally identifiable information (“PII”) about you (e.g., name, address, etc.) is gathered or stored in the cookies placed by the Yay Fly site and, as a result, none can be passed on to any third parties.

Cookies allow us to serve you better and more efficiently, and to personalize your experience at our site. Cookies allow you to log in without having to type your log – in name each time (only your password is needed). We may also use such cookies to display an advertisement to you while you are on our website or to send you a special offer email (or similar emails – assuming you have not opted out of receiving such emails) focusing on destinations in which we think you might be interested. None of this information is passed to any third party, and is used solely by us to provide you with a better user experience on Yay Fly site.

A cookie may also be placed by our advertising server. Such cookies are used only for purposes of tracking the effectiveness of advertising served by us on our site and no PII is gathered from you by the use of these cookies, nor is this information shared with any third parties. Similarly, a cookie may be placed by our third.


Please read and review our Privacy Policy. We hope that you will feel comfortable knowing that Yay Fly never sells or rents customer information to third parties. Please be assured that your personal information and documents are only handled by our closely screened, bonded, and professionally trained staff within and outside the USA. Yay Fly reviews, and if necessary revises, its Privacy Policy on a timely basis.

  1. We use your email address only to send a confirmation email when you sign up for an account and to allow you to reset your password if you lose or forget your old one. We also send you an automated notice if a review or a suggestion you submit is accepted or declined, or you subscribe to sales and online promotions. No other use is now or ever will be made of this address, although the administrators may personally email you if extenuating circumstances arise where this is required. We will not send you any other email unless you contact us first and specifically request information regarding your trip. We do not sell this address or link it to any other personal information.
  2. Any personally identifiable information you submit while booking with our website will only be disclosed to travel suppliers who are linked to your bookings. If you become a registered member of Yay Fly, you must provide your name, e-mail address, citizenship, password, etc. This information is collected on the registration form for several reasons, including:
    a. To complete air, hotel, car, and other reservations.
    b. To allow us to contact you for customer service purposes, if necessary specific needs arise.
    c. We need your e-mail address to confirm each reservation you transact on our website. We will not disclose, sell, share, or in any way reveal your information to any other third party not related to our business.
  1. We want you to feel confident about using our website to plan your travel and make purchases, so we are committed to protecting the information we collect. While no website can guarantee security, we have implemented appropriate administrative, technical, and physical security procedures to help protect the personal information you provide to us. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure correct use of information, we will employ reasonable and current Internet security methods and technologies.
  2. You can access all your personally identifiable information that we collect online and maintain by logging into your account. To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections by requiring you to enter your current password before changing any of your user information.
  3. We also allow access to our database by third parties that provide us with services, such as technical maintenance or forums and search software`s, but only for the purpose of and to the extent necessary to provide those services. And if you choose to purchase or rent items through features on the website, we may forward your information to third parties for services such as credit card processing and order fulfillment. There are also times when you provide information about yourself to us in areas of the website that may be managed or participated in by third parties, such as car rental services. In such cases, the information may be used by us and by such third party, each pursuant to its policies. Any misuse by them is not our responsibility. We may also provide your information to our advertisers, so that they can serve ads to you that meet your needs or match your interests. While Yay Fly will seek to require such third parties to follow appropriate privacy policies and will not authorize them to use this information except for the purpose for which it is provided, Yay Fly does not bear any responsibility for any actions or policies of third parties.
  4. There may also be an occasion when we are legally required to provide access to our database in order to cooperate with police investigations or other legal proceedings. In those instances


In order to purchase airline tickets and related services through our website, you must provide us with certain personal information such as your name, your credit card number and expiration date, your credit card billing address, your telephone number, your e-mail address and the name or names of those traveling, if not you. We require this information so that we can process, fulfill and confirm your reservations and transactions and keep you informed of each transaction`s status. If you are making a reservation for one or more travelers other than yourself, you will need to make sure that each of these other travelers agrees, in advance, that you may disclose their personal information to us.

Once the booking is complete, we will immediately display your itinerary for you to print or email, with a ten digit Yay Fly booking number. Please save the booking number for future reference.

Once ticket issued, we will send you the E-Ticket Confirmation Number via email. Please allow us 3 business hours to Issue the E-tickets.

Current reservations can be viewed at any time by accessing the Check Your Booking section of our website using the Yay Fly booking number and name of first passenger.

Bookings are not guaranteed until a ticket is issued (since the airline can change prices anytime) & you receive an airline e-ticket conformation number. If required we will send you the Paper Ticket via overnight mail once the ticket is issued. We will mail the ticket to the address given. If your mailing address is different please call and inform our agent.
When purchasing airline tickets or paying for hotel booking for someone other than yourself, or when credit card holder is traveling with passengers that have a different last name, the credit card holder must authorize the charge by completing the Credit Card Authorization Form and faxed or email to us same day or within 12 hours of purchasing the tickets. Failure to that may result in cancellation of reservations at the companys discretion. Our agent may call you to verify the Credit Card holders information for Credit Card security reasons. As an added security step we may call your credit card company on a three way call to verify the transition.

We also advise all customers, please confirm your flights at least 24 hours before each departure by calling the airline directly. Airlines will occasionally change flight schedules and it is important that you reconfirm your flights prior to travel.


We rely on our users to be truthful in responding to the question of age. We do not sell travel or any related services for purchase by children. Should a child whom we know to be under 13 send personal information to us, we will use that information only to respond directly to that child to inform him or her that we must have parental consent before receiving his or her personal information. Yay Fly will not provide any personally identifying information about users under the age of 13, regardless of its source, to any third party for any purpose whatsoever without first requesting parental permission.
When you search our site, you are not required to provide any personal information until you choose to make a purchase. We do not knowingly permit the site to be used by any person under the age of eighteen and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under thirteen years of age. A valid credit card is required to make a purchase on our site. Purchase also can be made by visiting our office or sending money via Western Union.
Yay Fly encourages parents and guardians to spend time with their children online, and to be familiar with the sites their children visit.

Our Website is not intended for use by children, especially those under age 13. No one under age 13 is allowed to provide any personal information or submit data, or become a Yay Fly member. Minors between the ages of 13 and 17 must get the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) before making purchases.
Yay Fly will not provide any personally identifying information about users under the age of 13, regardless of its source, to any third party for any purpose whatsoever without first requesting parental permission.
If your children disclose information about themselves in publicly accessible areas of the Website, they may get unsolicited messages from other parties. Accordingly, you should tell them not to do so.

If you’re worried about your children’s activities or their privacy on our site, we encourage you to Contact Us.
Links to External Sites – Our website links to outside content that could be considered offensive by certain customers. The use of a hyperlink never constitutes an endorsement of a company, product, or opinion. The use of the hyperlink does not imply that our website agrees with the content being linked to and provides no guarantee that the content contains accurate information. Our website designers are under no obligation to link to any site.

Correcting of inputted data we correct any errors that are brought to our attention as expediently as possible. We fact check all error reports to ensure their authenticity. Please send us your views and suggestions, to serve you better.
Notification of Changes Yay Fly reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices in this privacy policy. While we don’t anticipate any changes in our privacy policy, there is always a possibility of change.

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, shall Yay Fly be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages that result from the use of the information or materials on Yay Fly or its family of sites, even if Yay Fly or an authorized representative of Yay Fly, has been advised of the possibility of such damages, our goal is to protect your privacy when you visit or personalize our site and to make your online experience safe and fun. Because we collect certain types of information about you when you visit our site, we have written this policy to share our practices and use of that information.