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terms and conditions

Welcome to the Yay Fly website. Use of the Site is governed by the following terms and conditions.
All prices are shown in U.S. dollars.
Airfares and reservations are not guaranteed until payments are collected. From the time of booking until the ticket is issued, sufficient funds must be available on the credit or debit card. If there are problems processing the card, be it for lack of funds or restrictions, we will not guarantee the price quoted at the time of original booking or subsequent booking(s).

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
First name and last name of each traveler must be entered into the reservation exactly as it appears on your government-issued identification, be it your passport, driver’s license or other acceptable forms of identification as may be required.
We may split your total charge into two parts, airfare and a non-refundable Yay Fly booking fee. The combined total amount will be the same as quoted and authorized by you at the time of booking. Wherever applicable, the booking fee will be included within the total fare.

Prices do not include airline baggage fees.
Customers who purchase trip insurance from Travelex are responsible for contacting Travelex directly for any travel insurance changes, cancellations, clarification or claims.

All customers traveling internationally will be required to obtain and carry necessary travel documents, including but not limited to, passport, visa, and advanced parole, etc. Traveler is responsible for the review of travel restrictions to determine and obtain all required travel documentation ahead of the originating travel date as may be necessary. Neither Yay Fly nor its agents are responsible for providing answers to specific questions related to travel documentation requirements.
All cancellation and exchange requests must be initiated at least four (4) hours before scheduled departure. If allowed by the airline fare rules associated with the ticket(s) issued, the ticket(s) may be refunded or exchanged for the original purchase price less the applicable airline penalties, plus any fare difference between the original fare paid and the fare associated with the new ticket(s). In addition, Yay Fly will charge a change/refund fee. Yay Fly has no control over airline penalties associated with refunds or exchanges.
A ticket loses all value if/when the passenger associated with the ticket during any part of the travel does not show up at the check-in counter or cancel the booking at least 2-4 hours before scheduled departure or as required by specific airline rules.

Customers desiring to make last-minute changes (within four hours of scheduled departures) must contact the airline directly for assistance.
International travel often includes multiple airlines, each with an individual set of fare rules. If more than one set of fare rules is associated with the total fare, the most restrictive rules will apply to the entire booking.


Yay Fly, in providing travel management services, does not guarantee or insure the services to be provided by any supplier, the financial position of such suppliers, or the reimbursement to you from any loss experienced as a result of the financial condition of such supplier. Yay Fly is not responsible or liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, nonperformance, irregularity, or any consequence thereof, which may be occasioned through neglect, default, or any other act or inaction of any supplier of travel products. Yay Fly shall not be liable for any fluctuation in price or change in any travel service, which occurs subsequent to payment for such service.
Once tickets have been issued, there may be a penalty involved for refunds. Discounts offered may vary depending on a number of factors, including airlines utilized, class of service, destination, time of year (low, mid or high season), advance notice provided, and flight load.


You are at least 18 years of age and have the legal authority to enter into this agreement and use the Yay Fly website in accordance with all terms and conditions stated herein. You agree to be financially responsible for all your activities on the site and for any bookings made by others under your direction or control. You confirm that all information provided by you or members of your household using the site is accurate and true. You also confirm that the traveler is not an unaccompanied minor.

You acknowledge and agree that the travel services reservation facilities on the site shall only be used to make legitimate reservations or purchases for yourself or for another person for whom you are authorized to act legally. You understand that any false, exploratory, or fraudulent reservation, or any reservation made in anticipation of demand is prohibited. You further agree that the misuse or abuse of the travel services reservation facilities may result in your being denied access to such facilities.


Your interactions with us occur electronically when you visit https://yayfly.com/ or send us emails. By engaging with us electronically, you consent to receive electronic communications from us, delivered through email, or through notices posted on this site. You acknowledge that any agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications provided electronically fulfill the legal requirement for written communications.


You agree to receive text messages when submitting booking forms, reaching out for phone support, sending an email, etc. You acknowledge that such electronic communications meet the legal requirement for written communications.


A) To ensure smooth travel, it is recommended that you reconfirm all of your flights at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure. Please make sure to check in at least 2 hours before your flight’s departure time and arrive at the boarding gate no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time (1 hour for Air India).
B) For all domestic flights, a valid government-issued photo identification is required. For all international flights, please ensure that you have a valid passport and all necessary travel documents.


Our website may provide you with the option of selecting a cheaper fare from a nearby airport to your city of origin or destination. The website will clearly indicate if a cheaper fare is available from a nearby airport. We typically consider all airports within a 60-mile radius of your desired airport. Opting for a nearby airport can result in savings of up to 20% on your airfare. It is your responsibility to carefully review your itinerary and take note of each airport you have selected and booked.


Please be aware that your seat selection, meal preferences, frequent flyer status, and other special requests are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Airlines may make changes to your requested seat assignment without prior notice. We suggest that you double-check all requests with the airline directly. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your preferred seat will be assigned or that your meal and other special requests will be fulfilled. To ensure your requests are confirmed, we recommend contacting the airline directly.


Children under the age of 12 (and sometimes 17) traveling without an adult passenger are subject to rules and regulations set by each airline. Some airlines may not permit unaccompanied minors to travel without an adult companion, while others may only allow them to travel on non-stop flights during certain times of the day. It is also important to note that unaccompanied minors cannot be booked on the last flight of the day. Additional fees are charged by all airlines for unaccompanied minors, and this fee is not included in the ticket price. The fee must be paid directly to the airline at the airport. To ensure compliance with the airline’s rules and restrictions, as well as to determine applicable fees, it is necessary to contact the airline directly.
It should be noted that many airlines do not offer e-tickets for infants. If you have booked an infant ticket, please contact customer service after completing the booking process.


All airline tickets booked through Yay Fly are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellation policies vary by airline and apply at all times. In certain cases where the airline allows cancellations, a credit may be valid towards a future ticket purchase by the same traveler on the same airline. However, an applicable penalty and fare difference, if any, will be added in these cases.

For completely unutilized domestic tickets, date changes are permitted before the first travel date, subject to airline fare rules, with the applicable change fee of $100 to $200 plus any difference in fares. A cancellation fee of $50 per person per ticket must be paid to Yay Fly at the time of cancellation, and Yay Fly retains this fee. Please note that the credit will be held for a limited time period, and the customer must ask the Yay Fly customer service agent for the specific date by which the credit must be used, or the credit amount will be lost. An agency processing (ticket exchange) fee may also apply. It is important to remember that all changes must be made before the first flight segment’s departure, or the whole unused ticket will have no value. The airline will not give any credit if the new ticket price is less than the original ticket price.
For completely unutilized international tickets, date changes are also permitted before the first travel date, subject to airline fare rules, with the applicable change fee of $150 to $450 plus any difference in fares. A cancellation fee of $75 per person per ticket must be paid to Yay Fly at the time of cancellation, and Yay Fly retains this fee. The credit will be held for a limited time period, and the customer must ask the Yay Fly customer service agent for the specific date by which the credit must be used, or the credit amount will be lost. An agency processing (ticket exchange) fee may apply. All changes must be made before the first travel date, or the whole unused ticket will have no value. The airline will not give any credit if the new ticket price is less than the original ticket price.

Return date changes are permitted for domestic and international travel, subject to airline fare rules, with the applicable change fee of $100 to $200 (varies by airline) plus any difference in fares for domestic travel, and $150 to $450 (varies by airline) plus any difference in fares for international travel. An agency processing (ticket exchange) fee may also apply. All return date changes must comply with the maximum validity of the ticket.
Yay Fly offers a 24-hour cancellation policy, allowing customers to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of the original purchase. An agency fee of $50 for domestic and $75 for international cancellations applies. However, customers can opt-in to our Travel Assist plan for a minimal fee, which covers all travelers. The Travel Assist plan allows customers to make changes or cancel their flights within 24 hours of the original ticket purchase without paying the standard cancellation fee. After 24 hours, standard airline cancellation rules will apply.
Customers who choose the Basic Economy Fare option will enjoy the same Main Cabin experience at a lower cost. However, there are certain restrictions that come with this fare option, such as no free checked bag, restrictions on carry-on bag, seats assigned at the airport, and no upgrades available. Tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.

Your right to a Refund is limited (All partially used and no show tickets have no refund or credit value)


Domestic fully unused tickets: All domestic airline tickets purchased through Yay Fly are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be refunded under any circumstances, including in the case of serious illness. However, if the ticket is cancelled correctly at least 2 hours before the first flight, the passenger is entitled to a credit with the airline minus the applicable airline/agency fee. Airline fees range from $100.00 to $200.00, and fees vary from airline to airline. Credit is not possible in the case of a no-show, or if the flight is cancelled after the cancellation deadline. A processing fee of $50 will apply.
Domestic partially used tickets: All domestic partially used or no-show tickets purchased through Yay Fly have no refund or credit value.
Fully unused tickets for India: Most of our tickets to India are wholesale tickets and are refundable after paying the applicable airline fee. Refund fees range from $200.00 to $450.00 or more, and fees vary from airline to airline. All refund requests must be sent via email prior to the departure of your first flight segment, otherwise, the unused ticket will have no value. Refunds are not possible in the case of a no-show, or if the flight is cancelled after the cancellation deadline, or if the fare rule does not allow for a refund. A processing fee of $75 will apply. You must call us and talk to a live agent to confirm if we have received your refund request.
International fully unused tickets: Most international tickets purchased through Yay Fly are non-refundable. In certain cases, airlines may allow cancellations, and a credit may be available for future ticket purchase on the same airline for the same passenger. Reissue (exchange) fees apply from $200.00 to $400.00 or more depending on the airline and fare rule. Usually, the credit is valid for one year from the date of original purchase (date of issue). Tickets must be cancelled prior to your first flight segment. A processing fee of $75 will apply.
All refund requests must be sent via email to Yay Fly. You must call us and confirm if we have received your refund request. Refunds are not possible after departure. For complete details of fees and charges, please call us or the airline. Few international tickets with conditional promotion or sale are non-refundable and may not be used for future travel.
International partially used tickets: All international partially used and no-show tickets purchased through Yay Fly have no refund or credit value.


Airlines may change flight schedules or cancel the flight due to technical reasons or to meet their operational needs. Weather conditions may also cause such changes or cancellation. In such cases, the airline will make every attempt to re-protect the passengers for an alternate date or flight. Airlines may offer credit or refund if they fail to provide an alternative under their applicable rules.
Airlines may change schedules at the last minute or without any prior notice. Passengers are solely responsible to reconfirm their flight status with the airlines 24 to 72 hours prior to departure. Passengers should check their email/phone on file with us before and during their travel as they may receive important travel information including schedule change and more.
When you learn your flight has been rescheduled or cancelled, please reach us 24x7x365 at 800- 247- 4775 or flightstatus@yayfly.com. We will research the changes made by the airline and will advocate on your behalf for the best possible resolution meeting the airline’s schedule change policy. Please note that rebooking is not always possible, or a penalty/difference in fare may apply if the passenger is not able to fulfill their obligations, misses their flight, voluntarily reschedules their flight, refuses to accept the alternate option provided by the airline, or wants to rebook a flight which doesn’t fall under the airline’s reschedule policy. Each schedule change service provided by us is subject to an additional agency service fee of up to $75 per passenger.
Please note we do not take any responsibility – financial or non-financial, in case of such schedule change or flight cancellation.


Please note that airlines may periodically change prices and availability which can result in fare changes or errors. Therefore, the price selected and booked is not guaranteed until all requirements are met and the ticket is issued. Even after completing the booking on the website, fares may still change. If there are any changes in fares, we will notify you as soon as possible. However, we do not assume any financial or non-financial responsibility in the event of fare changes. We will advise you of the new fare or alternate options and you may choose to either cancel the booking or purchase the ticket at the new applicable fare. If there is a fare increase or error, you have the right to refuse and cancel the booking at no cost to you.


a) Passport: All passengers traveling internationally with Yay Fly must possess a valid passport.
b) Visa: Each passenger is solely responsible for ensuring that they possess the required visas for their international travel. Yay Fly does not assume responsibility for denied boarding or entry due to incomplete or incorrect visa documentation.


Specific entry restrictions and travel advisories have been implemented as a result of the global Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Prior to departure, all passengers with upcoming travel plans on Yay Fly should review all Covid-19 mandates, current COVID travel restrictions, mandatory quarantine requirement and re-confirm their flights directly with the airlines. Some airlines now require passengers to fill out health declaration forms, which must be completed at the airline’s check-in counter. Please allow extra time at the airport before your flight to complete these forms. Many countries have entry or transit restrictions in place; due to the ever-changing nature of the regulations, we strongly advise you to check with Yay Fly before you travel.
Before entering or transiting their country, some countries require foreign visitors to have an International Certificate of Vaccination (aka Yellow Card) or other proof that they have had certain immunizations or medical tests (such as COVID-19). Check the Country Specific Information and contact Yay Fly or foreign embassy of the country to be visited or transited through for current entry requirements before you travel.


our transaction with Yay Fly does not guarantee entry into the destination/transit country. The passenger understands that Yay Fly accepts no responsibility for determining the passenger’s eligibility to enter or transit through any particular country/destination. Yay Fly’s information, if any, must be verified with government authorities. Such information does not imply responsibility on the part of Yay Fly.


The price of the ticket offered by Yay Fly may include taxes and fees imposed on air transportation by government authorities. These charges may represent a significant portion of the airfare and may either be included in the fare or separately displayed in the TAXES box on the ticket.


When you have connecting flights involving two or more airlines or if you have a long layover (over six hours), you may need to collect your baggage at the connecting airport and check-in again to continue your journey. Depending on your nationality, transit visa requirements may apply. If you have excess baggage in these cases, you may have to pay an excess baggage fee assessed by each airline. It’s important to note that most airlines now charge baggage fees, even for the first checked bag, which can range from 15 USD to 50 USD or more per checked bag depending on its size and weight. These fees must be paid directly to the airline when you use the service. To get the latest fees and policy regarding baggage/re-check-in, you should contact the airline directly. Please consult the airline, embassy, or consulate for any transit visa requirement.


a) Yay Fly acts only as an agent of the respective airlines and is therefore not responsible for any lack of performance on the part of the airline or any other travel supplier. In the event that an airline fails to perform, the airline (not Yay Fly) is responsible for any refund due. Yay Fly is not responsible for any act, mistake or error, omission, injury, any loss or accident, damage of any type, nonperformance or underperformance or any consequence thereof, which may be arise due to neglect or error or any other act or any type of inaction of any supplier of travel product and services.
b) Liability for loss, damage, or delay of baggage is solely the responsibility of the airline.
c) You are also subject to the terms and conditions stated on the airline ticket.
d) It is your responsibility to examine your ticket/receipt / itinerary upon receipt to ensure that your travel dates, origin and destination cities, and other information are correct. If you fail to do so, Yay Fly will accept no responsibility for any discrepancies.
e) Yay Fly has no control over the printed prices on the tickets. Some tickets may show a BT or BULK fare on them, while others may show a particular value that may be different from the fare collected (lower or higher).
f) Yay Fly may refuse any ticket purchase or service to any customer if the company is unable to verify credit card information, the cardholder is not contactable to verify and authorize the charge, or if the company suspects any fraudulent activity on the purchase. Service may be refused by Yay Fly if the online transaction does not meet their terms and conditions and company policy.


Payment can be made by Western Union, credit card or debit card (Visa, Master, Discover, American Express or Diners Club).
A reservation is not complete until confirmed/ticketed. To protect our customers, we verify with the card company that the billing addresses and other information provided by you are accurate. Until such information is verified, the fare is subject to change. We are not responsible for any transaction that is declined based upon a credit/debit card that is declined by the issuing company or a travel provider or if, for any reason, the debit/credit card billing address and/or credit card verification number cannot be verified in a timely manner, nor are we responsible for any changes in fare or any other charges that may occur during our verification process. At times when the fare selected is not available an approval code may have been taken on your credit card, if the transaction is not completed the approval code may block your available credit for a time period until the bank removes the block.
Third party credit card payment requires authorization from the card holder. Ticket purchase is not complete unless we receive an authorization from the card holder. We will notify you if your credit card is not valid, any information is missing or entered incorrectly or funds are not available. In such cases ticket will be finally processed once we talk to the card holder and settle the discrepancy.
You agree to be responsible and fully liable for any and all credit card payment, dispute or any other issue such as fraud made to us or to any of our supplier. You agree to pay Yay Fly in case of any fraud or charge back.
I understand and agree that once I pay for this ticket I will not receive a refund of any portion of the money I paid for this ticket, under any circumstances unless fare rules permit. Buying tickets by credit card, I will not be able to file a challenge to the charge that will be placed on my credit card and I hereby waive any rights to challenge the charge. I instruct the credit card issuer to fully and completely ignore any such challenge and not to forward any such challenge neither to the airline on which this ticket entitles to travel nor to the travel agency that is selling me this ticket.


The displayed fares include an agency service fee, which applies to all passenger types and covers call center support, 24×7 toll-free phone, ticketing, quality control, technology automation, and other value-added services. The airline ticket service fee ranges from USD 0.00 to USD 28 or more depending on various factors, such as fare type, availability, seasonality, referral source, and destinations. Additionally, car booking incurs a USD 5 fee, hotel booking incurs a USD 10 fee, and cruise booking incurs a USD 20 fee. For last-minute bookings, an additional processing fee may apply to cover the cost of added security steps taken to prevent fraudulent charges. This fee is non-refundable and subject to change without notice.
Your charges may appear on your statement as separate transactions, broken down by airline name and agency fee for each passenger, or as a single combined charge for all passengers. Separating the charges allows for savings of 3-4% on your purchase. Rest assured that the total amount charged will be as agreed upon at the time of booking, and agency fees are non-refundable, even if you choose to cancel or modify your booking. If you require clarification on this fee, please contact us before finalizing your booking.


To request a refund, please submit a written request. Refunds may take 4-7 weeks to process. Please note the following:
a) Flight delays do not qualify for refunds; however, airlines will attempt to provide suitable alternatives.
b) Yay Fly is not responsible for delays in ticket delivery or for lost, stolen, or misplaced tickets. We recommend using E-Tickets when available.
Yay Fly cannot guarantee the pricing and availability of products sold through its website. Airline and supplier prices may change, and products may sell out before the website can be updated. Availability and pricing of airline tickets are not guaranteed until credit card authorization and ticket issuance. Cancellations and changes to flights may not be permitted and may result in penalties of up to 100%.


This transaction is conducted and executed in the City and County of Los Angeles in California, and its substance and procedures shall be governed by California law. In the event of a dispute that requires either party to take legal action, including small claims court, both parties agree that the court action shall be filed in the court district of our California corporate address in Los Angeles and shall be governed by California law. We also agree to this. The successful party in such a court action shall be entitled to recover litigation expenses, including attorney’s fees and court costs.


Federal laws forbid the carriage of hazardous materials on the aircraft, in carry on and/or in checked baggage, please check the link below for detailed information and exception.
Your must reconfirm with the respective airline prior to your flight regarding rules and exceptions pertains to hazardous materials.